Synopsis of The Word

The Word will cause you to rethink your attitude to conventional Christianity and its influence on our history. It reveals an ancient secret that has been hidden in full view ever since Jesus spoke the Word in Judaea two thousand years ago. It is a challenge to all those in power in the 21st century.

In Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion apostles struggle to revive Jesus from his ordeal on the cross. They fail, but Jesus, fearing that his teachings will be misused to found a new and oppressive religion, lives long enough to create his final teachings: the Word. It is a statement of how Jesus wishes to be remembered.

The Word is smuggled out of Jerusalem by St Mark to Alexandria where it inspires the foundation of the Church of Africa and the monastic movement. But after St Mark’s death the Word is suppressed and hidden in the Great Library of Alexandria.

In sixth century Alexandria, a city in the midst of political and religious turmoil, The Word is discovered. A desert father from Ireland, the saintly Father Cormac, is called upon to deliver these scrolls to Ireland, far enough away from the established church which fears the radical challenge to authority contained in the Word.

But all is not as it seems. Cormac has not always been a monk. He is a close associate of Colum Cille (St. Columba), a Celtic High Druid and now a leader within the Christian church in Ireland who is seeking to redeem himself for past sins. Sixth century Ireland is a land of myth and legend where the old pagan beliefs peacefully coexist with the new Christian religion. It is a world before scientific thought, where the membranes between worlds are still very thin and imagination and superstition are as real as everyday experience.

Cormac and his companions are pursued back to Ireland by Augustine of Nubea, the troubled and ruthless emissary of the Bishop of Rome. On his way through France to Ireland Augustine enlists the support of a British military leader, Artur of the Gododdin and plans are laid to invade Ireland to capture the scrolls.

It is in this melting pot that Cormac and his mentor, Colum Cille must find a way of saving the Word for Christendom.

In modern times the Word turns up on an archaeological dig on the north coast of Ireland with few clues as to how it got there from the Holy Land and why:  the government of the day is also worried about the implications of revealing the Word to the modern, secular world. Then something strange happens.


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