Battle of the Boyne: a false flag event

Prince William of Orange, battle of the Boyne 1690

Battle of the Boyne: a false flag event False flag events - events that are staged to appear different from what they really are - are nothing new.  I believe the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland in July 1690 was a false flag. Like any false flag event, in order to examine it objectively you … Continue reading Battle of the Boyne: a false flag event

End the Union – Crossing the Rubicon (or Coming Out)

William Drennan Irish Presbyterian & rebel 1754-1820

Inherited beliefs. I think it is fair to say that most of our views are the result of the conditioning of the class, culture and family we are born into. Few people rebel against this. They may modify the views of their family and peers or stage a token teenage rebellion, but only a select … Continue reading End the Union – Crossing the Rubicon (or Coming Out)

Debunking the St Patrick Story

Why the story of St Patrick is not a harmless myth and why it matters today. When researching early Irish history for my historical novel, The Hare’s Vision, I was struck by many anomalies relating to St Patrick and the indulgent attitude taken to the myth of St Patrick by museums and academics. My aim … Continue reading Debunking the St Patrick Story

Atlantean Irish

North Atlantic seaboard

A glance at this map should persuade most people of Ireland’s pivotal maritime position from ancient times. There were close contacts between the Irish and the entire Atlantic and Mediterranean seaboard from ancient times that are little reported in modern history text books. This is just one of hidden aspects of Irish history that in the … Continue reading Atlantean Irish