Beaghmore Stone Circles

Extract from the Hare’s Vision of the ceremony performed by Colum Cille at Beaghmore, Co. Tyrone in 575AD.

People of the sanctuary were adding wood to the fires as Colum Cille spoke. There were several fires dotted around and each was placed close to a stone circle.  From where they sat they could see that one larger stone circle had a tall straight tree trunk embedded into the centre with the carving of a square cross at its head.

This is a thin place between this world and the others. It has been used by the peoples of this land to channel the energy needed for crops to grow, healthy children to be born and enemies to be vanquished. The people of the sanctuary are here this night to help us channel such energy. This time the energy will be used to anchor the blessed scrolls in our land, making it much more difficult for them to be removed and taken elsewhere.

Beaghmore Stone Circles, Co Tyrone



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