The Hare’s Vision: a new Irish myth

“There is a great white light in the north calling the Word towards it.” Zachariah the Hare

The Hare's Vision
The Hare’s Vision – a new Irish myth. Paperback £10.99. Ebook £3.24.
“The Hare’s Vision is beautifully written, vividly imagined and wise.”
It is a bewitching story of the odyssey in the sixth century of an Irish monk, Cormac, his muse Zachariah the hare and their strange band of companions who struggle from Egypt to Ireland to protect Jesus’ last testament, known as The Word, from those who would suppress its inspiring and radical message.

In 36AD radical Jewish teacher and zealot, Yeshua ben Pandira lies dying of his wounds in Judaea. Disturbed by a vision that his teachings will be misused by the Roman Empire, Yeshua lives long enough to dictate his final testament, later known as The Word, to Joseph of Arimithaea. However because of its radical teachings, The Word is suppressed by the early church and completely disappears in the third century.

“Father Cormac is a good and a brave monk, honed by the desert. He is not so simple. Aba James speaks well of him. I would trust him. Yet he’s whimsical like many Celts. He is known to converse with a hare who claims to be the soul of the prophet Zachariah.”

So it was in the sixth century that the Patriarch of Alexandria chose Father Cormac mac Fliande for the task that would bring light to the Dark Ages.

Then in modern times The Word is re-discovered buried under the ruins of an ancient church in Ireland. How did it get there from biblical Judaea and what are the implications for the modern world of its radical message?

Interview on Liffey radio

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This is such an important book for the Irish people, because they all will be inspired to the original faith they will find in their own hearts and it could give the Irish the promise of a new start in life among each other. Therefore, I expect it to be a real and very important bestseller in Ireland, and hopefully in the whole world.I am flabbergasted by this book. It remains exciting until the end (and afterwards somehow). The story is always unexpected and surprising. …..And one is left with questions and speculations, but not so that it is disappointing, no, it is quite alright and wonderful.”
Emy Ten Seldam, Editor in Chief, BRES Magazine, Holland.


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The Story

In Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion apostles struggle to revive Jesus from his ordeal on the cross. Jesus, fearing that his teachings will be misused to found a new and oppressive religion, lives long enough to create his final message to mankind, a manuscript known as The Word.

The Word is re-discovered in the sixth century north African city of Alexandria, at a time of political and religious turmoil. An Irish desert father, Cormac mac Fliande, is called upon to deliver these scrolls to Ireland; far enough away from the established church which fears the radical challenge to its authority contained in The Word. Cormac is forced to return to the land of his birth: a land he fled after the death of his wife and children in the Justinian Plague.

Cormac’s companion and muse is a mystical golden hare he met on his travels who claims to be the reincarnated soul of the biblical prophet, Zachariah. They are accompanied to Ireland by a Greek philosopher, pagan priestess and close friend, Melania, who is escaping persecution in Egypt along with a young Judaean scholar, Brother Simon. In Ireland they are joined on their odyssey by a young Irish poetess, Bretha.




“This is a remarkable book. It has a smooth narrative flow and a great visual appeal and I keep thinking of it in terms of a film, possibly along the lines of Lord of the Rings, it reads like a traditional Irish myth.”

Colin McAlpin,  Author, Journalist and Film critic

Sixth century Ireland is a mystical land where the old pagan beliefs peacefully coexist beside the new Christian religion. In Ireland Cormac and his companions are helped by Iucharba of the Tuatha De, a magical subterranean fairy folk who once ruled Ireland and Feth Fio the ferryman, a changeling who is part otter, part man. This is a world before scientific thought, where the membranes between worlds are very thin. Imagination and superstition are as real as everyday experience and the interactions between humans and the natural world are very different from today.
In this time Rome wishes to suppress all potential challenge to its growing religious power and sends its fearsome emissary, Augustine of Nubea to Ireland to find and secure The Word for the Holy See. On his way through France to Ireland Augustine enlists the support of the legendary British military leader, Artur of the Gododdin and plans are laid to invade Ireland to capture The Word.
Cormac’s mentor as a young monk was Colum Cille (St. Columba), a High Druid in Ireland. He is an eminent, but controversial abbot within the Celtic Christian church and has a troubled past for which he seeks redemption. Guardianship of The Word offers Colum Cille his own personal salvation and his opportunity to build a church that would become the salvation of western Christendom.

It is in this melting pot that Cormac, his companions and his mentor, Abbot Colum Cille must find a way of saving The Word for Christendom and for Ireland: in doing so their lives are forever changed.

Then in modern times The Word is discovered on an archaeological dig on the north coast of Ireland with few clues as to how it got there. Its discovery once again challenges those in power.

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