Playing the state’s game

In examining the whole sordid affair around Barry McElduff's video and Kingsmill, I looked back at the records of that time - the brutal mid-seventies - and something occurred to me that hadn’t before. The big picture in all this is found when you look at the Kingsmill massacre and what preceded it - the … Continue reading Playing the state’s game

Ireland’s difficulty is England’s opportunity

Recently it was suggested to me that the English ruling class have wanted out of Ireland for up to 150 years. I thought this was implausible given that  in the twentieth century the British showed that they could - on the face of it - with relative ease within thirty years divest themselves of an … Continue reading Ireland’s difficulty is England’s opportunity

Collusion and control

This piece (Psychopath Billy Wright and the question of collusion) by Brian Rowan, the BBC’s  highly experienced former Northern Ireland Security Editor, got me thinking more about how far this issue of state ‘collusion’ goes in today's Northern Ireland. Rowan writes: ‘It has got to the point where collusion is no longer contested. It is … Continue reading Collusion and control

Battle of the Boyne: a false flag event

Prince William of Orange, battle of the Boyne 1690

Battle of the Boyne: a false flag event False flag events - events that are staged to appear different from what they really are - are nothing new.  I believe the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland in July 1690 was a false flag. Like any false flag event, in order to examine it objectively you … Continue reading Battle of the Boyne: a false flag event

End the Union – Crossing the Rubicon (or Coming Out)

William Drennan Irish Presbyterian & rebel 1754-1820

Inherited beliefs. I think it is fair to say that most of our views are the result of the conditioning of the class, culture and family we are born into. Few people rebel against this. They may modify the views of their family and peers or stage a token teenage rebellion, but only a select … Continue reading End the Union – Crossing the Rubicon (or Coming Out)