Living under an absolute monarchy

What little history I was taught in school during the sixties told me that I lived under a 'constitutional monarchy'. I was told that the exercise of the Divine Right of Kings - an absolute monarch - ended when Cromwell and his supporters beheaded  King Charles I of England in 1649. Ever since the monarchy … Continue reading Living under an absolute monarchy

Battle of the Boyne and the sham fight

Prince William of Orange, battle of the Boyne 1690

False flag events - events that are staged to appear different from what they really are - are nothing new.  I believe the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland in July 1690 was a false flag - a sham fight. Like any false flag event, in order to examine it objectively you must forget everything … Continue reading Battle of the Boyne and the sham fight

A Tale of Two Cities

The outworking of all their history is the development of a very toxic culture of despair among much of the Protestant working class - the loyalists. The paternalism of Big House Unionism left many in the Protestant working class lacking the emotional and political skills to deal with their situation positivein, in contrast to the Catholic community whose history is very different. Instead Loyalists now blame everyone around them and turn their bitterness on their Catholic fellow country men and women, rather than taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Northern Ireland: The Emperor has no clothes

Northern Ireland - a region of the United Kingdom which it has until now largely been run as a colony - is publicly exposed as highly dysfunctional. Not only is its political class, or at least one half of it, seen to be highly incompetent, negligent and corrupt, abusing the system of devolved government; but more significantly, the local civil service has shown itself to be equally unsound. What do the British Government do?